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DJ Nicky Hunt

Nice Vocal!


Kiss FM

Remix of Private Utopia is a vibe!



Vocals are truly Amazing


Woot Mag

Great track with awesome vocals, loving the vibe! I'd give it an A++

EDM Playlists

Love the vibes and the vocals

Radio Playlist

I have to admit you have one of the most professional voices I've heard in a while!

Only Indie Music

​​I really liked the George Michael style vocals



Your voice is very good, very relaxing. It´s sexy and mysterious.


I wish we could have much more of this on Billboard nowadays.


A very romantic touch with an electronic mix, it was very different. And his vocal quality is also excellent.


love your style!

O’live produzioni

voice is very beautiful


Hikaru Label

We love your musical world


The singing is incredible.

Reminds me the best of UK contemporary pop of the 80's/90's,

Tears For Fears, George Michael, Seal, Simply Red.

You're the best singer I've heard this year so far.

Sebastian - LSDJ

Cool vocal (reminds "World is mine" of David Guetta )

Confident Hoe

Vocals sound amazing! wow.

Música em Rede

The vocal work is excellent



Wow...great vocals.


Isolate fm

good vocals


Groove London

Vocals sound similar to George Michael, nice vocals over banging beat.


Sub FM

Got a George Michael vibe to it.


Kad R

Sounds super cool!

You Must Be The Change

Nice sound, which balances contemporary with classic well.


In2Beats FM

Cool tracks


LoFI Vibes

Voice is magical!



Some wicked mixes


Friends FM

Nice Vibe, will play on my next radio show (Jez Martin)

CHILL BEATS – jazzhop / boom bap / lofi

This is very clean and well produced. I especially love the vocals.


Mellow Vibes

you have a magical voice and beat is so uplifting


Night Drives

the vocal is cool

Fantastic Record. Brilliant Production.

Caderno Pop

Excellent music. the vocals are really like George Michael. the track impressed me.

I didn't know his work and from now on I'll keep an eye on him.



All what it needs for a mainstream pop audience: the instrumentals and vocals have a good balance,

the progression flow is very well done, the feeling is catchy and all together seems to work efficiently.


With a 90 'perfume, the song brings the beautiful vocals of James Zada and a beat that transports you to another sensory dimension.

AphroditeRecords Label

Excellent pop product, which is appreciated for its evident pop inspiration from the 80s / 90s, even the vocals sometimes recall the more sophisticated George Michael,

even the touch of Auto-Tune that gives the song more modern.

Great work.Great music.


Radio Saint-Dié



Fever Boutique Coventry Cross

Great vocal.


Michela Moramarco

This sound is as dreamy as this voice.


The inspiration for George Michael is pulsating and James is able to use this reference with originality.


That beat goes really well with your smooth vocals.

Seloki Records

I like the way you mix George Michael and 1980's aesthetics with trap beats, it's innovative and eccentric!

Here in Brazil we love this kind of thing.

Doublecast Podcast

if George Michael's vocals met modern beats and effects, that would be the result, good job here.

Radio Città Fujiko 103.1 FM

Wow! I'm definetely vibin'.

A groovy beat with a whispered voice is something that always gets you in a dancing mood,

Dynamica Records

Smooth, uplifting voice, nice musical background. Pure 90's feel in a modern form. Very rare these days.

Radio Graviola

Well produced, your voice has a catchy timbre and the arrangements and beats refer to classic international pop!

Very good to hear! :)

Sword Radio UK

Amazing Track (Private Utopia), I would love to include in station playlist and add to General Rotation for Broadcast


New Pop

The voice is beautiful


Lemon Fresh Music

Sound design is packed with super sexy vibes, your vocals have an edgy quality to it, it's great.

Mickey's Weekly

Lovely vocals on this one! digging the catchy performance and video.


Lounge and Chill Music

That’s the style of tracks I am looking for. The prod was very good and I liked the vocals.

Célula Pop

The voice really resembles that of George Michael and the very current arrangement gives an elegant appearance to the song.

Bruce Rodrigues - Colunista TMDQA!

The sound is delicious and mesmerizing. Great beat. Beautiful vocals too



Huge potential wit the correct placement and timing. Great work!

Sinusoidal Music

Hey! Beautiful vocals here, nice production overall, great melodies too.


Your groove is amazing and you’ve got a wonderful voice (reminds me a bit MJ style)


I do enjoy this fusion of some 80s elements with modern day trap.

Raise Records

Wow! Amazing melody, very sweety very melodic and good voice


Igor MirandI

liked your vocals! You got some great singing, you know what you're doing, you know how to control your voice

and express your emotions through it.

NEWdOG Records

Nice singing voice, beautiful video


Must Listen

Your vocals are great, they fit like a glove in an R&B song

Lazy Frenzy

Hi there, very cool sound. I really like the way that the melodies flow.

The instrumentation is amazing

03.7 3WAY-FM

A very cool number. Zada's smooth vocals are well up in the mix.

Fuffa Recordz

Cool track, powerful groove, sweet emotional vocals, well arranged and produced.



I like the vocals, love the vibe overall its nice to listen to.

Nam Radio

This is awesome, I would like to add this to our database for daily rotation.

DIY Discover

Your music is so sweet and dynamic with a great frequency.

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